Company Overview      


MacKenzie Capital Management, LP, an acknowledged leader in the real estate investment management business, utilizes an innovative approach to real estate securities, often seeing opportunities that others overlook. Based in Moraga, California, MacKenzie Capital Management has specialized in the area of discounted real estate securities and asset management since its formation in 1982.

A Value-Added Strategy


Through its investment advisory affiliate, MCM Advisers, LP, the skilled team of MacKenzie Capital Management real estate professionals takes an innovative approach to capitalizing on market inefficiencies. Concentrating on its niche marketplace, MacKenzie Capital Management searches for thinly traded public and private limited partnership securities and shares of real estate investment trusts that may be undervalued for a variety of reasons – such as temporary illiquidity, control issues, excess leveraging, or capital needs of the partnership – and must trade at a discount.

Knowledge Is Key


Research is the driving force behind MacKenzie Capital Management’s ability to select the most appropriate real estate asset-backed investments. Its team of seasoned real estate analysts, comprising over 30 percent of the firm’s personnel, provides in-depth analysis of an investment’s viability by using a proprietary real estate securities database.

Expertise And Vision


MacKenzie Capital Management's programs run the gamut from conservative to aggressive, each providing current cash flow and the expectation of future returns based on the eventual full-price liquidation of the underlying assets. By applying expertise, vision and an opportunistic mindset, MacKenzie Capital Management has consistently generated strong returns for its investors.